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David Talbot-Rice Trebizond

David Talbot-Rice, Trebizond

David Talbot-Rice, Trebizond. As seen in Millet, G. and Talbot-Rice, D. 1936 Byzantine Painting: at Trebizond. London. FIg XXV.III ST. SAVAS, THE EASTERN CHAPEL WEST WALL. STS. CONSTANTINE AND HELENA

A total of 187 images from David Talbot-Rice’s travels in Trebizond have been scanned here from photographs held at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham. Many preserve a record of wall-paintings now much deteriorated, as well as intimate images of the re-use and partial occupation of medieval buildings in the early twentieth century. Any information recorded on the photographs is provided in the captions.

David Talbot-Rice, Trebizond


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