David Talbot-Rice Trebizond (again!)


117 To 130(127 missing) (crossed out)

This is to announce that all of David Talbot-Rice’s images of Trebizond from the archive kept by the Barber Institute of Fine Arts have now been transferred from Flickr to our main site. The full set of 189 images can be accessed here.

We are continuing work to bring all of our images across to this site to make accessing and working with them as straightforward as possible.

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Rebecca Darley is a historian, writer and numismatist. Working as a university lecturer in global history, she loves teaching and researching the relevance of the past in the present. Alongside teaching and research, Rebecca has also designed coin exhibitions in Birmingham and Blackburn and worked with museums on three continents. She is a Fellow Royal Historical Society and the Royal Numismatic Society. In 2022, Rebecca launched a Substack blog, Coffee With Clio, as a place to explore the past in the present in a fun and informal way. She also published her first work of fiction, under the pen name Rose Marzin at Lucid Dreamer Publications.
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